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The fabfabstickers® offer an uncomplicated way to give free rein to your own creativity. The different motifs of the fabric stickers can be easily pinned on clothing and fabrics and fixed with an iron. With the decorative stickers, you can easily embellish any accessory, piece of furniture or furnishing. Due to the easy handling, fabfabstickers® are not only suitable for all craft fans, but also offer even the youngest a lot of fun when designing their clothes. Great are the stickers but also for creative children's birthday parties, workshops, for individual decorating, covering holes and upcycling.

The assortment of fabfabstickers

Fabric stickers: The woven fabric stickers are similar to the patches or appliqués, but have as a big difference a very fine, delicate texture. Thus they offer the highest wearing comfort. The heat of the iron fixes them to the fabric, making them washable even at temperatures up to 40 °C without discoloring or losing their shape.

Decostickers: They are ideal for furnishing and utility items that do not go in the washing machine. Thanks to a special adhesive, the Dekostickers adhere very strongly to almost all surfaces, but can be easily removed again at any time - without leaving any residue - and stuck on again elsewhere.

With fabfabstickers®, everyone can develop and create their own style. Discover at VueLove.de also many other brands with exciting assortments that inspire to dream.