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Top bicycle products with the special city style. The high-quality workmanship and superior robustness pleases kids and parents alike.

The Banwood success story
BANWOOD is a family-owned company based in Berlin with a boundless passion when it comes to creating high-quality bike products for kids.
Their core values are safety, top-notch quality, and timeless design. Over time, the way children play has changed, but they still learn and develop in the same way. BANWOOD believes that play is essential to growing up healthy and lays the foundation for a successful adult life. BANWOOD wants these magical moments to be preserved and to support children's growing up in a safe way, so they can create happy childhood memories. At each of our stages, from design to manufacturing to delivery and use, BANWOOD pays attention to every little detail to ensure a flawless experience. BANWOOD bikes are carefully tested to meet not only the most demanding safety and quality standards, but also for their own demands.