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We all know fashion from Paris - but the French metropolis has much more to offer. For example, the French label Petit Jour also comes from the greater Paris area.

The Petit Jour success story

For over 40 years, the charming team at Petit Jour has been designing and selling a wide range of high-quality children's accessories based on characters from children's books.
Le Petit Prince, Pierre Lapin, Elmer, Barbapapa, Ernest et Célestine, Peppa Pig are part of the family. A creative team of illustrators thereby develops with great attention to detail the beautiful and colorful patterns that are loved by children and parents alike.

Everything is made by Petit Jour with a special focus on high quality and, of course, with premium designs that make for a more colorful, practical and fun daily life. Due to the timeless desigs, the great accessories can also be passed down from child to child and always make children's eyes shine anew.  For us at VueLove.de, this is also sustainability in action and saves resources.