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The geese from Senger are probably among the best known and most successful representatives of their kind. At VueLove, however, many other representatives of the Senger family have also arrived and are waiting to fly on to you!

The success story of Senger

The Senger manufactory was founded 30 years ago by Sabine and Volker Senger. The company stands for loving craftsmanship, quality in the context of processing and the materials used from Germany. Good, robust - and due to the intensive physical proximity pollutant-free - quality are certainly a guarantee for a long-lasting relationship with all Senger products. All cuddly toys are designed with great attention to detail, in harmony with nature and in a timeless design. Thus, they inspire not only us at VueLove.de, but also the little ones and the grown-ups. The assortment is carefully but constantly developed. So it is always worthwhile to take a look.
Quality Made in Germany - we think that's great and saves so many resources.