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Jellycat combines high-quality fabrics and materials to create cuddly creatures with great attention to detail that you can't help but take to your heart and love.

The Jellycat success story

The Jellycat design label was founded in London in 1999 with the aim of producing particularly cute and unusual cuddly toys. Whereby the designers of Jellycat do not see the term "cuddly toy" quite so narrowly, because in addition to classic cuddly bears, cuddly bunnies and other animals inviting to cuddle and love, Jellycat also manufactures, for example, rainbows, fruits or even everyday objects such as drinking bottles or a pencil sharpener from soft, fluffy materials. At VueLove.de we have a selection of the cutest cuddly animals and plush creatures from Jellycat in our assortment, which can be ordered safely and conveniently with just a few clicks.

By the way, the name Jellycat (literally translated: jelly cat) was thought up by a child who loves both jelly and cats and had to giggle so loudly at the thought of both together that the designers of Jellycat happily adopted the name. Jellycat stands for cool designs and luxurious fabrics that are processed to a high standard. The designers place special emphasis on using only materials that meet European safety standards. This guarantees that every Jellycat stuffed animal is absolutely safe and harmless for children of all ages.