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Baby first equipment

Having a baby in the family is one of the most wonderful experiences of all. In the run-up, mom and dad are kept on their toes with many tasks. The last few weeks before the birth in particular are dominated by errands and preparations. The parents-to-be are often overwhelmed by an oversupply. But which initial baby equipment makes sense and is really needed? We at VueLove.de know how much you have to deal with in these weeks and months and therefore want to introduce you to useful articles for babies, which we have put together for you together with the support of midwife Kira.

Baby first equipment: Which baby clothes do you need?

Thumb-sized baby socks and rompers from Engel or Saga Copenhagen - buying clothes for the baby is clearly more fun factor than unpleasant duty for most parents. Important: Babies can't store heat well - that's why the twilight look often comes into play here. Layers are put on top of each other - from bodysuits and rompers, socks, socks, pants, to jackets and hats - so that your little darling doesn't freeze.

Baby clothes: Suitable for outdoors

For outdoor activities, parents should wrap their babies - in cooler temperatures - thickly: with jackets/overalls or tights, hats and shoes.

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