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finkid offers the functional clothing that children love: Jackets, overalls and accessories offer protection and warmth, but also always full mobility. Parents appreciate this - and are enthusiastic about the quality of the outdoor clothing, which resists many washes and wild games without a trace.

The finkid success story

Outdoor clothing for children must be warm, withstand a lot without sweating, and give kids full freedom to explore. Fashion designer Annika Rendel rarely found such children's jackets and overalls in Berlin at the turn of the millennium. For the Finnish-born designer, this was the reason to launch the finkid label in 2002.

Her goal was quite simply to create children's outdoor clothing that children need: it should convey a feeling of freedom, express a closeness to nature, and be so robust that it can easily withstand any journey of discovery in the great outdoors. Naturally, Annika Rendel was inspired by nature and the colors of her home country Finland: finkid clothing shows real colors in harmonious designs, is inconspicuously beautiful instead of screamingly colorful. Together with the high quality of the functional clothing and accessories, this ensures that finkid children's fashion will be worn with pleasure for several years and can also be passed on to siblings.

The harmonious design is loosened up by typical details from Finnish children's fashion: colorful piping and piping that emphasize the cut, little tails on the caps and funny tassels on gloves and scarves. Much more important for the wearing comfort, however, is the label's quality standard, which starts with the choice of materials and cut design.