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At VueLove.de we love creative ideas and that's why we are so excited about the assortment of the Dutch label Monk & Anna.

The success story of Monk & Anna

Monk & Anna was founded in 2016 by three creative minds who had a simple desire to make the products they love. Inspired by the old King Kong movie, they came up with the name Monk (synonymous with King Kong) and Anna (Ann in the movie). From the first Monk bag and Anna shopper, the brand now has a wide range of lifestyle, apparel and stationery products. Monk & Anna offers small collections of beautiful goods designed with care and attention to detail. All products come in their own unique packaging, with their own story and name. All of these product names are also inspired by the King Kong movie.

The creative team behind Monk & Anna together create this minimalist yet aesthetic world full of products in soft earth tones and different textures. Inspired by Japan, nature, fashion and craftsmanship, a new collection always begins with an exploration of new color palettes and a search for textures.
This is how Monk & Anna remains exciting.