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Palais de l'eau

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Creativity inspires us at VueLove.de. So it's not surprising that, in addition to the products, we are also excited about the history of the Palais de l'eau label.

The success story of Palais de l'eau

The story of Palais de l'eau began with a family. While Conchita van Doorn, a mother of two from Amsterdam, was getting her 4-month-old baby out of the bathtub and trying to wrap him in a towel at the same time, she had an idea... There had to be an easier way to keep her baby warm, safe and dry. The idea for the Baby Towel by Palais de l'eau was born!
The Baby Towel made bathing her children so easy and finally brought the fun she had wanted from the beginning. Soon, other beautiful products were added to make water activities like bathing, swimming, and endless days at the beach easier for the whole family. Creating loving water moments wasn't the only thing on Conchita's mind, however.
Palais de l'eau places great importance on protecting the environment in a sustainable way. They want to leave footprints in the sand, not on the planet. With great care, their 100% organic cotton products are made in Portugal. Palais de l'eau wants to create a better world for the next generations. A safe place where our children can grow up and where there is clean water to play and bathe in.